OFF THE LEASH THEATRE Inc is an exciting independent Gippsland theatre company co founded in 2010 by playwright/producer Jeannie Haughton and actor/director Steve Wiegerink, which has since incorporated as a not-for-profit community theatre group. 

Off The Leash Theatre is a risk-taking bunch of theatre tragics, determined to create exceptional theatre experiences for audiences.  

"We love stimulating and  challenging ourselves and our audiences by choosing works which explore socially relevant themes and the human condition. While we prefer a minimalist approach that packs a powerful punch, our creative teams are free tofully explore and complement  selected works."

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COMMITTEE 2019/2020

President - Tracey Rabl
Vice President - Jeannie Haughton
Artistic Director - Todd Miller
Secretary - Amy Moss
Treasurer - Leane Gooding

Committee Members: Mandy Waters, Tracie MacDonald, Sinead McCullough, Luke Cassidy

You can contact Off The Leash Theatre through email, snail mail or social media.

Our History

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